With the Starshipit integration with our Warehouse Management System, you are able to create a fully automated workflow. Creating an order, choose the best courier and print labels on the packingtable of your choice without any manual handling.


Cheapest Courier for 1 package shipments

Choose the cheapest carrier out of predefined ones based on product type and delivery options like signature or dangerous goods. With the build in fallback, in case no shipping method is available, you are able to login to StarShipIt and finish your order. Off coarse you are also able to create a Starshipit order from within Clougistic if you have more than one package with a predefined carrier.

One Interface

Keep packing simple using one intuive system to get all shipments send out as fast as possible.

Trackingnumber synchronization with e-commerce software

Send trackingnumbers to your e-commerce software after finish printing labels for your packages.

Fast Reprint

Reprinting directly from within Clougistic on any Cloudprinter.

Automated cubic weight calculation

Speed up the packing process, let Clougistic do the calculation for you.