Before import please check the CSV import options in system > settings > general > CSV options

Use of fields

Import Errors & Reporting

If import errors occur, an error list will be generated. The import will not be completed.

CSV coding

Use a CSV without BOM


Upload at system > import  on the Products tab.


Upload at system > import on the Product Import MBOMs  tab.


Upload at system > import on the Warehouse Inventory Locations tab.


Upload at system > import on the Product Inventory tab.


Upload at system > import on the Suppliers tab.

Supplier Products

Upload per Supplier at inventory > suppliers. Use the upload button on any of the available suppliers.

Create a seperate csv file for each supplier

Product dimensions are optional but is recommended.

It's important to add products to the Clougistic catalog first, to be able to match.

Match order

If the Clougistic SKU is not available in the Supplier Products list, Clougistic will match the supplier products against the product list. The match order is:

If there is a match, the supplier products list will show the corresponding product SKU or the info [No Match].

Currency Rates

Upload at system > import on the Currency Rates tab.

Import Defenitions