Custom options

An order with custom option automatically generates a purchase order for production. First the product (without the custom option) will be picked from the warehouse and shipped for production. At the same time the supplier receives a purchase order with instructions as described in the order custom option.

After the supplier finished production, it will send back the product (together with the purchaseorder number) where  goods receive can start.

Finally the finished product with the custom option is ready to pick and pack.

A SKU with a custom option is seperated from inventory if the same SKU without custom option exists.

Custom Option per Supplier

A Custom option is only visible for a supplier if the option is added to the supplier details

Purchase price for Production Order Item

If the production order is generated by Clougistic automatically, for example when a custom option exists on the item, the price from the supplier products list provided for the production supplier will be used. In case the product is not available in the supplier product list a price of 0 (zero) will be set. 

In the settings, in the entity scope (not global), a production supplier can be set.