Based on the product replenish policy, Clougistic will create a replenishment for all needs.

Navigate to supply > replenishment. The replenish process will start.

If products with replenishment needs appear, check if the quantity meets your sales experience. If correct, hit the create purchase order button.

Clougistic will genereate a supply order (purchase/production) per supplier with the status concept in supply > purchases and/or supply > production.

Check the generated supply order(s) and send it to the supplier for confirmation or process it without confirmation.


Replenishment is based on all reservations.

Multiple Suppliers

If multiple suppliers are related to the SKU, Clougistic will create a replenish advice based on the supplier with the lowest purchase price.

Inventory with state blocked or checked

To calculate the supply needs all inventory is considered as if it's operational, even if it's blocked or if it needs to be checked.

MBOM Replenishment

Replenishment of a MBOM product is a complex process based on reservations and replenishpolicy. Based on the material SKU's related to the MBOM SKU's it will calculate all product needs, also for nested MBOM SKU's. If the replenishment is finished it will create production orders. Based on the generated production orders it will create MBOM orders (to supply production with the material SKU's).

MBOM Production order

A manual created production order with a MBOM product works the other way around. After processing the purchase order with an MBOM product, it will create a MBOM order (to supply production with the material SKU's). Based on the needs in this MBOM order nested MBOM products are replenished and the rest works the same as written in MBOM Replenishment.

Unit QTY

Unit QTY is the batch amount at which you have to buy from the supplier. After replenishment and creating of the  PO's based on this unit qty, Clougistic will calculate a multiple of unit qty. As an example if the unit qty is 5 and the replenishment calculates a need of 8 pieces, a number of 10pcs will be added to the Purchase order