Demand API

Method: POST

Resource: /api/v1/order/enqueue


To create or update a product, add the API access key and Entity ID outside the payload part of the JSON.

access_key (required)

Generate an API Access key at System > Users. Be sure the user has enough rights to create a product.

entity_id (required)

After creating an entity, the Entity ID  is visible at System > Settings.


reference (required)

Source order reference. Must be unique. 

source_id (required)

Source id. If orders are send from multiple sources this is the identifier to split webhook calls. As an example you could add a code like webshop1, amazon, ebay,


0 - New

1 - Process

8 - Hold

9 - Cancel

type (required)

0 - normal order

1 - POS order


0 - ship complete

1 - ship any allocated stock

2 - ship any allocated stock once and switch back to complete after first shipment


If not added, an order will receive priority: 0.  A higher number will process an order with higher priority. Can also be a negative number to lower the priority. This way you could give priority to orders based on a shipping method, region, customer, etc.


Used for webhook filters to be sure the order is send with a COD shipping method and no partial shipment is possible.

currency (required)

For example USD, EUR, GBP


Process order at this date


order creation date. 

Format: Y-m-d H:i:s (2020-04-22 13:34:28)


Source customer id. Used to allocate from future stock reservation.


The order options part is used to add specific orderdata for features like consignment and POS processing. Also used to forward customer specific data to webhooks.


required: firstname, lastname, street, housenumber, postcode, city, country

not required: company, housenumber_ext, region, phone, email, method

Available for update untill the order changed to state shipped.


firstname, lastname, street, housenumber, postcode, city, country, company, housenumber_ext, region, phone, email

Available for update untill the order changed to state shipped.



if the product SKU does not exists, it will be auto created.


product description


product weight


order item source reference


netto unit price, can be used for webhook forwarding to reporting


total item quantity to deliver

custom options (optional)

order item custom options to trigger production

allocation_type (optional)

1: reservation

2: direct


cost (optional)

if allocation type is set to direct it's possible to overrule the supplier product price with the cost

packing additional labels

if the order contains additional labels, a print button will be available on the packing page to print the labels. 


{"access_key": "[Clougistic API access key]","entity_id": "[Clougistic Entity]","payload": {"status" : "0","type": 0,"options": {"info": "[STRING]","@pos_zone_id": "","@consignment_zone_id": "","carrier": {"name": "flatrate_flatrate","type": "0000"},"packing": {     "ogc":true,              "instruction": "[STRING]" },"delivery_date_strict":false},"cod_amount": "0","source_id": "mage2","reference": "000000032","customer_id": "1","currency": "USD","shipping_method": "flatrate_flatrate","flag_partial": "","created_at": "2019-04-18 08:47:25","delivery_at": "","billing_company": "Shoe Shop NY","billing_firstname": "David","billing_lastname": "Copperfield","billing_street_full": "Wallstreet 450","billing_postcode": "74983","billing_city": "New York","billing_region": "NY","billing_country": "US","billing_phone": "","billing_email": "","shipping_company": "Shoe Shop NY","shipping_firstname": "Arnold","shipping_lastname": "Schwarzenegger","shipping_street_full": "Wallstreet 450","shipping_postcode": "74983","shipping_city": "New York","shipping_region": "NY","shipping_country": "US","shipping_phone": "","shipping_email": "","items": [[{"sku": "DWS-43","description": "Dutch Wooden Shoes Size 43","weight": "","reference": "17","unit_price": "50.00","is_kit": false,"qty": 1,"custom_options": { "option_data":                       [{"label": "Color", "value": "Orange"}]                  }            },   "allocation_type": 2,   "cost": "40.12",     "packing": { "additional_labels":                                 [{"country_of_origin":"The Netherlands", "wash_instruction":"use water only"}]                      }           ]         ]}}