Manage production orders with Clougistic based on (nested) bill of materials.

MBOM Manufacturer Bill of Material

Create Bill of Materials to trigger replenishment. Replenishment will create all orders & production orders to complete the needed product.

Production order to start Production

Production is basically a need for a finished product.

Supplier to fulfill production orders

The finished product is produced by a supplier. To manage manufacturing:

Production order

The supplier will receive a production order to deliver the product. Production orders are listed in supply > production.

Supply production with (raw) material SKU's

Add a manufacturer bill of material to a finished product and clougistic will supply production with raw materials from the inventory.

Print GTIN productlabels

If the finished product has a GTIN (EAN/UPC) (see product details) and the GTIN printnode is added to the design, it will print Code 128 barcodes for the finished product during packing.

Material SKU stockmanagement

Manage stock of the raw material by adding a replenish policy to the material SKU's the same way as a finished product.

Purchase a MBOM product without using the MBOM material SKU's

If a SKU has a MBOM attached it's still possible to buy the same SKU (without production) at a different supplier.

Follow these steps:

This will result in a Purchase order without  the MBOM been processed.