$entity_id == 1

$getParcelsByType("COLLI") AND $order.shipping_method == "dhl"

$getParcelsByType("COLLI@weightFrom=30","PALLET", "BAG")  All COLLIs with a weight bigger than 30, all PALLETs, all BAGs

$getParcelsByType("COLLI @weightFrom=30.01","PALLET @weightFrom=100 @weightTo=200")

$getParcelsByType() All parcels

$getParcelsByType("COLLI", "PALLET") All COLLIs and all PALLETs

$order.source_id == "amazon"

$order.shipping_method == "pickup"

stripos($.email, "part_of_string") !== false
$getParcelsByCarrier("DHL For You")

$hasProductAttribute(string $attribute, string $value, string $operator = "=", string $type = "any")

$hasProductAttribute("post_packing", "fill", "=", "any")

Printer metadata based on warehouse packingtable

If multiple packing tables exist within a warehouse and particular printer metadata is part of the payload call the following variable example:

{{ $getCurrentUser().getSelectedPackingtable().getPrinterForTypeName("A6").metadata }}

If a printertype A6 is added to a packing table and the current user is packing at this table, print jobs can be send to this printer.