Design Warehouse

Put away goods based on different specifications is key to working efficiently. Start with an idea (design) for a good warehouse layout and configure Clougistic next.


  • Batch: a job to pick 1 or more orders in 1 single run.
  • Slot: a container on a logistic unit holding goods for 1 order. It sticks to the logistic unit.
  • Logistic unit has 1 or more slots to hold goods only during 1 batch. After each finished batch, the Logistic unit is empty.
  • Buffer hold goods for further processing. A buffer is identified by a unique internal ID. A buffer can be moved around in the warehouse.
  • Buffering is the process of taking goods from the slot and put it in a buffer or stack. Once the picking process is ready, goods are identified by this unique internal ID.
  • Stack hold goods for further processing. A stack is identified by a unique stack ID. A stack can not be moved. A stack can hold goods from buffer or directly from slot.
  • Stacking is the process of transfering goods from a slot or buffer to stack. Stacking is used to collect goods from different zones to complete an order.

Warehouses & Zones

To setup the warehouses and zones structure, go to system > design