Product API

Method: POST

Resource: /api/v1/product/save 


To access, use the API access key and Entity ID outside the payload part of the JSON.

access_key (required)

Generate an API Access key at System > Users. Be sure the user has enough rights to place an order.

entity_id (required)

After creating an entity, the Entity ID is visible at System > Settings.


Field definition: Version 5.0.0


"access_key": "[Clougistic API access key]","entity_id": ENTITY_ID, "payload": "sku": "TEST1234", "gtin": "8392846561923", "mpn": "MPN1234", "name": "Test Product 1234", "options": {       "auto_assign_reception_date_to_new_inventory_enabled": false,   }"weight": 100, "length": 50, "width": 150, "height": 200, "sku_predecessor": "TEST1233", "brand": "Test Brand", "category": "Test Category", "cycle_class": "C", "image_url": "", "tracking_required": 0, "replenishment_policy": 1, "allocation_override": 0, "qty_min": 1, "qty_max": 5, "default_leadtime": 10, "stock_cost": 9.99, "purchase_cost": 19.99, "service_level": 0.9 

Inventory & ETA updates

Method: POST

URL: /api/v1/product/updated-sku-list  

URL: /api/v1/product/updated-sku-list-finish

{  "access_key": "[Clougistic API access key]",  "entity_id": "[ENTITY_ID]",  "payload": {    "source_id": "[SOURCE_ID]",    "purge_mode": 0,    "size": 100,    "format": "csvh"  }}

purge_mode (required):

0: direct, after each call the batch with stock updates are removed

1: deferred, batch will be removed after calling endpoint: api/v1/product/updated-sku-list-finish

format (default: csvh): 

csv: without headers

csvh: with headers

Field Headers:  

Field Delimiter: ,

Field Enclosure Character:  "

size (default 100, max 10000)

amount of entries in csv list returned by call