Supplier product

A product purchase can be made at every supplier with a matched supplier product. See import > supplier products how to format the supplier pricelist.

To load the products related to a supplier, click on a supplier. The table will show all imported supplier products.

[No Match]

If the uploaded supplier product has no match with a Clougistic product.

Supplier stock & eta

If the imported supplier-productlist contains supplier stock information, it's visible in Clougistic for reference only.

Remove a product from the supplier list

Use the cross to remove the product.

Supplier Details

Hit the pencil button to edit supplier details.

Replenishment interval

Used for forecasting.

Default Payment Term & Delivery Term

These default values are added to a new purchaseorder automatically.

Custom Options

If the supplier receives a purchase order with custom options, only the custom options added here are visible in the email.

Remove Supplier

It's not possible to remove a supplier if there are purchase orders, receptions and invoices.