Picking is zone based. Assign a picker to each zone to be sure all allocated orders are picked.

To start picking, navigate to process > picking and hit the start picking button. If no allocation can be made for the zone the message no pending positions is showed.

Choose a warehouse and Logistic Unit

Before picking the picker needs to choose a warehouse and logistic unit

Choose a zone

Start Picking

If there are orders ready for picking, the Start button is visible. Hit the button to receive a batch to pick.

Use the Logistic Unit to pick the batch

Step 1

Based on the Logistic Unit Pick Method:

pick to buffer: assign a buffer to each slot on the logistic unit first, put the buffer(s) in the slot(s), add products to the buffer(s) during picking.

pick to slot: pick first, add products to the slot(s) and after picking a complete batch, assign each slot to one or more buffer(s) or stack(s).

Step 2

Scan the product or the location:

Repeat untill all positions are picked.

Step 3

Repeat until the logistic unit is cleared.

Report Shortage

If quantity on the location does not meet the quantity needed to pick, it's important to report a shortage. Hit the shortage button during picking. Report the actual picked quantity.

The location will be set to "check" untill the location is checked. Read more about Inventory locations.

Clear unused buffers

If the logistic unit pick method is Pick to Buffer there's a possibility that buffers stay unused (if it's not possible to pick any quantity).

It's important to clear the unused buffer, otherwise it's not possible to finish the order.

Clear unused buffer before starting a new run, at that moment the buffers from the previous run are still assigned to the picker. Once a new run is started the previous buffers are no longer assigned to the picker.

Pick quantity is higher than Single Scan Threshold

If the quantity to pick is higher than the Single Scan Threshold, only 1 scan is enough to proceed. To proceed to the next item to pick, click the NEXT button.

A scan with a barcodereader needs to end with a RETURN