Contains the needs for none finished products, an MBOM without Custom Options.

Production CO

Contains the needs for a finished products where a custom option will be added.

Processing a production order

Production is a 2 step process: confirm and process.


If a supplier needs to confirm, use the confirm button. An email is send to the supplier with all products. Based on the feedback of the supplier it is possible to alter the purchase order based on the supplier stock situation. After changes are made by the buyer the next step is to process the purchase order.


The process state will trigger a pick order to supply the raw materials from the inventory. An order with type MBOM, addressed to the production supplier, is created automatically containing the material SKU's as listed in the MBOM. If the finished product contains a GTIN (EAN/UPC) and the GTIN printnode is added to the design it will print Code 128 barcodes for the finished product during packing.

An email is send to the supplier with the final products and quantities. If the order is processed it is possible to receive goods.

It's possible to process an order without the confirmation step.