Return to Supplier

To return inventory to a supplier, make sure the following statements are valid:

Create a Supply Return

To start: 

It's possible to add a higher qty than the blocked amount.  Make sure not to exceed the qty that is able to return as Clougistic will create a pick order for the same qty as the Supply Return qty.

Process the Supply Return

By chancing the status from concept to processing, an order with type: return will be created by Clougistic to make it possible to start the picking/packing process. 

The supplier address will be used as the shipping address for this order.

The order will be placed with state: new. Check the orders under orders > orders.

It's not possible to go back to concept once the Supply Return is processed.

Picking items to return

The order with type return will be visible under orders. 

Like any other order it will allocate inventory with the difference that it will not allocate from any operational inventory, instead it will allocate from BLOCKED inventory.  

After packing -> Closed Reception created

When items are packed/shipped Clougistic will created a closed reception with the returned items to finish the return process. 

Cancel Supply Return

When a Supply Return is cancelled, Clougistic will also cancel the related order with type return.