Choose a warehouse and packing table

Navigate to process > packing


Scan a buffer

If other goods from the same order are waiting in stack, a scanned buffer is not directly transfered to the packingtable. Also if another part of the order is waiting to get picked. In these cases the packer is forced to stack the buffer.

If the scanned buffer is the last buffer to complete the order, the packer is directed to get the rest of the order from stack to create a shipment.

If the scanned buffer is the only buffer needed to complete a released order, the packing screen follows.

Pack a complete order from stack

Hit the pack this order button to open the complete order to pack.

Use the Stack

A stack is an area in the warehouse to gather or merge parts of an order from one or more zones. Do not put goods on a stack that's already used (just look at the stack in the warehouse to see if it hold goods).

Put Items to Stack

Scan one or more stacks to store the products that are picked in the previous step.

Remove Items from Stack

Products stay on Stack untill shipment is complete. If the shipment is finished the stack will be removed automatically. Once products are fysically removed (picked up by the forwarder) the stack is really empty and ready to use again.