Purchase & Returns



Contains the need for finished products. This type is used for all purchase orders not initiated by products with MBOM (Bill of Material) or Custom Options.


Contains the needs for none finished products, an MBOM without Custom Options.

Production CO

Contains the needs for a finished product where a custom option will be added.


Contains products to send back to a supplier.

Processing a purchase order

Buying is a 2 step process: confirm and process.


If a supplier needs to confirm, use the confirm button. An email is send to the supplier with all products. Based on the feedback of the supplier it is possible to alter the purchase order based on the supplier stock situation. After changes are made by the buyer the next step is to process the purchase order.


No email is send to the supplier with the final products and quantities. If a purchase order is processed it is possible to receive goods.

It's possible to process a purchaseorder without the confirmation step (remember it will not send an email!!).

Cancel a purchaseorder

It's possible to cancel a product from a concept or generated purchase order. Use the cross button to remove the product.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

ETA can be set on the complete supply/purchase order or an individual product.  

If purchased quantity is allocated, Clougistic will show the ETA of the next free purchased quantity.

Purchase Return

To return goods to a supplier, create a return purchase order. Only blocked inventory is possible to return to a supplier.