Recalculate product cost based on real costs

The stock value will be more accurate if any type of cost applies.

Also changed currency rate between goods receive date and invoice payment date can be used to match the real stock cost.

Navigate to supply > invoices

  1. click on new to create a new invoice entry. Choose the currency as it appears on the suppliers invoice.

  2. add the invoice reference

  3. save the invoice

  4. add costs and currency rate against the Clougistic base currency (general settings)

  5. relate completed receptions to the invoice. Check the corresponding lines to match the invoice value (Amount total).
    Only receptions for supply orders with the same currency as the invoice are visible.

  6. once all lines are checked it's possible to change costs and currency rate to match those with real invoiced value.

  7. if the invoice match the real invoice (from supplier) close the invoice, or save if it's not complete yet to leave it open.